Balms—what are they and how do you use them?

So let’s talk about our delicious balms. Firstly what they are and secondly what you do with them.

Our luxury range of balms are handcrafted in the UK using the purest, ethically-sourced and highest quality ingredients that nourish and hydrate the skin. Our balms are a mixture of rapeseed oil, beeswaxes and shea butters. They are super luxurious and mixed into this base are our three signature scents.

Balms were an important part of my whole-body wellness regime. They helped relieve my headaches and helped with general calmness, whilst also doing a fantastic job of relieving muscle aches and tingly nerves—especially when massaged in.

All our balms contain no water and are free from harsh chemicals, preservatives, plastics and bulking agents which means they’re great for your skin and a little goes a long way. Balms have been used for centuries to heal, soothe, moisturise, fragrance and smooth skin. They are thick enough to create a protective barrier for skin and can be used as a massage oil, both for very dry skin or just rubbed in as a scent on your skin. You can use them for meditation or simply as a relaxing bedtime treat. For this purpose they make the most amazing gift.

The scents

Our anti-inflammatory balm is naturally calming and made with clove bud. The addition of clove bud creates a warming effect on the skin, which helps with nerve pain. The smell is more earthy than our other scents but the chamomile and lavender make it a perfect pre-bedtime massage oil.

Our calming balm is soothing and relaxing, made using Lavender, Bergamot and Cedarwood Essential Oils. The addition of bergamot—considered a tonic for frazzled nerves—can also help sooth anxiety. This balm smells simply delicious. I’ve been using it by my bed and just sometimes simply breathe it in deeply or massage it onto my temples and wrists.

Our stimulating balm helps improve cognitive function by increasing concentration, focus, clarity and memory retention. Made with Lavender, Basil and Rosemary Essential Oils, the scent is vivid and fresh. This is the one we recommend if you can loose concentration or need a little unwind when at work. Keep it by your computer and breathe in the scent or use it on your temples from time to time.

Roots Lavender, Cedarwood and Bergamot calming balm

How to use

We’ve discussed this a little above but we wanted to go into a little more detail.

Balms are designed to be used on pressure points. Apply the balm directly to your wrist, neck and temples. This can be done before bed, as part of your meditation ritual or simple whenever needed.

For headaches or when you need more of a scented hit before bed, rub the ointment onto the forehead and through the hairline and lightly massage in a circular motion. Use a pea-sized quantity of the balm (approximately 0.5g or less), sufficient to lightly cover the affected area.

I did the breathing exercises with balms every night before going to bed and also put the balm on my temples and feet before mediation. This really helped me to relax and get a good night’s sleep for my body to repair.

It’s the perfect ointment for any massages. It’s 100% natural and a little goes a long way. Over the shoulders or as a foot massage. A perfect partner to perform this is also beneficial but sadly not provided!

For muscular aches and pains—especially with our anti-inflammatory balm—massage into affected areas. It’s also great to massage onto a sore, bloated tummy.

They’re great for colds and associated symptoms such as congestion, flu and headaches. Applying around the nose can help to sooth and reduce congestion.

Or simply use to relax you through the smell. Perfect to meditate with, the aroma relaxes and centres you before you start your meditation or mindfulness practice. Take a pea-sized quantity of ointment (approximately 0.5g or less), and rub the mixture into your hards. Cup your hands over your nose and take in a deep, slow breath for 8 seconds. Hold for a count of 4, and then breathe out slowly for 8. Repeat at least three times. Whilst doing this, you can picture the breath starting at your toes and working its way up through the body and then follow it back down again when you exhale. This allows your body to fully relax and rid itself of any lingering annoying thoughts.


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“I wanted to say thank you for such a great range of products safe for those with cancer. My sister has Grade 3 breast cancer, she is very stressed at the moment and was struggling to find anything safe enough to use to calm her down. The balms will be a huge help to her so thank you. I was diagnosed with cancer myself in 2012 and I wish I had had access to some of this stuff then, especially the calming balm, I have some and it’s great.”


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