My month of WelleCo

Hi—it’s Tori here. One of the founders of Roots Wellness.

I have been doing my best at learning all things wellness. It’s been an amazing 8 months of Roots and I’ve been loving it. But I’ve definitely been feeling guilty talking the wellness talk when I wasn’t necessarily walking a complete wellness walk!

I’d say the last time I felt really well was back in 2014. I’m not going to go into too much details about my dramas, as this is meant to be a post about WelleCo! But in a nutshell, I am someone who had a really rubbish time with pregnancy and child-loss, which resulted in me struggling a lot with my mental health. Postnatal depression left me with little self worth, a big lack in confidence and something I’m hoping wellness can help with. 

Excluding my depression I’m a pretty well person. I cook most of our meals using seasonal veg and I’m incredibly fussy about meat so often only eat vegetarian. We never eat that many processed meals but when we were allowed to (pre-Covid!) we’d go out for meals—I love to eat out. I do drink alcohol and lockdown was not great for this... a year in limbo has done nothing for my anxiety and depression. In fact it’s safe to say that it became so much worse. And then at the end of summer I became so tired. I had no energy. I stopped exercising and couldn’t get out of bed. It transpired that I’d got iron deficiency—anaemia. So by the end of 2020 I’d stopped running, was very, very snug in most of my clothes and still living off zero energy and just felt rubbish.

So I guess I’m saying this year is my year to try and change all this. And I’m willing to try everything. In case there’s anyone out there who is also tired of feeling not quite right and not quite happy, maybe these posts and wellness might just help you a little too. What else is life for if not for making some new goals and starting to find the best of you? As we sell all things wellness and talk about how much better you can feel if you practise it—now really is the perfect time to try.

I’m starting with WelleCo.

When we started getting products for Roots, Tiff was immediately insistent we stocked WelleCo. It is one of the products she uses and swears by, as well being one of the few that I’d heard of and was desperate to try. I’d been taking Skin Vitality 1 (a multi vitamin) for a year and also take Omega 3 tablets, but there had always been something so tempting about WelleCo’s Green Elixir. It might just be the promise of being a little more Elle (Macpherson) - or just the idea that something that green must be really good for you!

So, what is WelleCo Super Elixir? According to their website: THE SUPER ELIXIR™ is a daily health supplement formulated using a combination of 40+ naturally derived ingredients, including wholefoods, herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Created by Dr Simone Laubscher PhD, it helps support overall gut health, provides immune support, enhances energy, and helps support the appearance of healthy skin, and stronger hair and nails. From a more simple point of view, it’s full of vitamins, nutrients and probiotics to help aid overall gut health, which should nourish my body on the inside and in-turn, show on the outside. 

For reviewing this product—and as a bit of an experiment—I stopped taking all my current supplements. I wanted to give it a fair shot. I also upped my diet game, cut out naughty sugar and processed foods from my diet as well as eating very colourfully with less carbs, smaller portions and little/no snacking. But not alcohol—even though I’ve had words with myself and am drinking less, most of the time... I really want this to be a new lifestyle and not a quick fix diet. Right now, I really love a drink and can’t face lockdown, childcare, work and life without an occasional glass of red!

So first reaction. I take 2 teaspoons a day and mix it in a jar with water. You can use almond milk or even mix it into a morning green smoothie but water was the easiest for me and that’s what I did daily. I found it too messy using my water bootle so used an old pickle jar instead. It needs a good shake to mix it all evenly but with a jar this worked great. I was using the Lemon and Ginger which taste wise it’s fine—a bit chalky and I’ve christened it pond water as it really does look like that when mixed with water. But there is little to no smell and it’s not a bad taste. There’s a slight sharpness, citrus taste with mild tones of ginger, otherwise it was fairly neutral with a chalky feel. Ive also tried the original which has a strong-ish smell and taste of pineapple. The best thing about it was that it has no aftertaste. I mean it’s not delicious. I don’t savour the taste but it’s over pretty quickly and a feeling of smugness comes over me that at least I’ve started the day right.

After 2 weeks, maybe before, I definitely started to feel a difference. My skin looked fresher and I was less bloated. Again, I had upgraded my diet to eating smaller and focusing on wholesome foods but I’m sure my hair is growing and looking a bit healthier! The other reaction with my hair that I hadn’t banked on was that my psoriasis on my scalp (which developed following pregnancy) was improving. It still burnt and was itchy but the—oh am I actually talking about this online?!—flaky dandruff that I’ve lived with since having my son was so much less. A total bonus. 

Not over thinking it I continued the 30 day test.

I’m pleased to say the positives kept on coming. At the end of my 30 days—which was last week—I really did feel so much better. My hair and skin do feel and look better. My hair is growing, feels stronger and shinier - so much so I’m getting compliments off of friends on Zoom. I also feel that it’s help keep my momentum up with the rest of my wellness. I found my morning sugar cravings lessoned and I was making healthier decisions with food full stop. Mentally I’m still finding it so hard to focus. My anxiety is good right now but my brain still feels like it has a million tabs open and everything is overwhelming. I know this is going to be my biggest wellness hurdle but I’d say I’ve been a lot more aware of how I’m feeling and doing which is a start—I usually push me to the bottom of the pile.

The only thing it is expensive. My bag has a little left but if used correctly should only be 30 servings, my teaspoons are small. We do offer a 10% discount if you subscribe to it but I know it’s a lot of money to spend on yourself every month. Stopping taking everything else will make it more affordable. As far as I’ve read without having any nutritional expertise it contains all the vitamins and nutrients I need, as well as a prebiotic so you get a lot in there. And it is the only thing I’ve taken and really seen results by; I think I’m sold. I’m going to try the original one next time as a flavour comparison and I’m intrigued with just using it day to day rather than reviewing it how I feel. I know with supplements I’ve been less sick with more energy - and as this contains probiotics as well maybe the price isn’t so bad after all. And as a 38 year old working mum maybe a little anti-ageing and better skin is something I should be investing in!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. My diet and fitness is still going pretty well but I’ve lost some of my New Years energy with being really good the whole time. But I’m running 5k every other day and hoping to start a mini gym at home so feel like the odd bacon sandwich won’t hurt! And I’ve lost half a stone so feeling pretty proud with myself.

Next review I’m also going to start talking about my mental health. I’ve touched on it today and am planning on going into more detail next month. I’m excited to say I’ve teamed up with Apothem and using their drops can help with my day to day life. 

I’d like to emphasise that I have no medical training and the words and thoughts here are my own. I’m mainly doing this for personal reasons and hope my reviews might help others. As with everything, we are all very different. If you have any questions lets me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading x


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