The benefits of Manuka honey

Manuka honey is one of those natural, wonder ingredients. We knew it was something we wanted to source and sell. It proved to be a bit trickier than we first thought but we’re so happy with what we found. Our single-origin organic Manuka honey comes from a remote area of Australia. It is coarse-filtered, unpasteurised, enzyme-rich and produced in small batches on a family farm. It’s also B-Qual Certified. The B-Qual process offers independent tracking back to the product source and provides a guarantee that it comes from a single-source location and is not blended from different source produce. This traceability is the only way to guarantee a true Manuka honey.

Our honey has an MGO rating of 190. MGO—or methylgloxal—is the magic ingredient in Manuka honey. The antibacterial properties of honey are provided by hydrogen peroxide. In normal table honey, the hydrogen peroxide activity breaks down, meaning the antibacterial benefits are lost. However in Manuka honey—thanks to MGO—the antibacterial properties remain even after the hydrogen peroxide has disappeared. Manuka honey comes in a range of MGO ratings; the higher the number on the label, the better the health benefits and anti-bacterial properties are.

So why Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey has numerous health benefits. It is strongly antibacterial, has an antibiotic quality and can help boost the immune system. It can also help improve the digestive system, aids wound healing and can help clear infections. It can also help with common or mucus colds and sore throats. You can also use it straight onto your children’s grazes and it has also been known to help with nappy rash too.

How does it taste?

Our honey does not have the medicinal taste of New Zealand Manuka and instead has a smooth, floral flavour with an element of fragrant wild lavender. We think it tastes like ‘grown up’ honey; slightly more caramel in flavour than the very sweet taste of high street honey. It does crystallise naturally and may need a good stir before use, or if it has been untouched for a while, place the jar in a hot water and stir until the crystals dissolve. It is slightly thicker than normal runny honey but can easily fall off the spoon and be poured. It has a dark caramel colour and doesn't seem to over power food like some honeys do.

How do I take it?

Like normal honey it can be used/taken in a number of ways.

Warm water with lemon, ginger and honey - with turmeric, cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar with the mother for more of a health kick.

It's delicious spread onto your favourite toast (wholemeal or sourdough being healthier bread options).

Mixed with yogurt and your favour berries for breakfast.

Or used on porridge oats with any other toppings.

Or just by the spoon. Great for a sweet sugar kick if your trying a cleaner eating diet!

Or as a part of a salad dressing. A squeeze of lemon and your go-to oil with a little mustard. Delicious!

Or mixed onto roasted Vegetables.

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