The importance of hydration

I’ve been sat at a laptop all day today and suddenly realised that I hadn’t taken a break in hours. Not even to go to the toilet. So immersed in work, I had completely forgotten to ensure I was getting enough fluids inside me. Usually, I drink literally litres of water a day. Even pre-Roots, I constantly had my Frank Green bottle next to me and it was frequently running dry. I’m perhaps the exception to the rule whereby I do actually drink the “six to eight glasses” a day that the NHS suggests for us. Far more than that in fact, but we all have lapses.

What made me acutely aware of my dehydration was by rapidly diminishing productivity and the onset of fatigue; squinting at my laptop and struggling to concentrate on the task in hand. Time for a big gulp of water!

Having a bottle next to you at all times really helps as a reminder to take fluids on. Try not to have too many caffinated drinks, or at least don’t count them towards your daily total. Whilst the evidence is varied, it is widely reported that caffeine-based drinks act as a diuretic and encourage urination. If water isn’t your thing though, add a little sugar-free squash or even just some fruit. The Frank Green tea strainer is great for this.

Why is it important?

The human body is more than half water. Depending on age, it can be as high as 75%. It is essential for so many bodily functions, from our blood system (carrying essential glucose, oxygen and nutrients to cells), to the kidneys which get rid of the waste products that our body doesn’t need or want. The fluids in our bodies are vital for these functions as well as so many others. They also lubricate your joints and eyes, aids in digestion and keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Our bodies are uniquely designed to regulate their own body temperature. That’s why we sweat. Although not a particularly desirable activity, it is the body’s way of cooling us down when we’re too hot. Perspiration cools the skin by losing water through the skin and the more we lose, the more we need to replace. We’ve all been sat in the sun—even whilst drinking lots—and not needed to go to the toilet.

As we age, the water levels in our body change. Babies and youngsters typically have higher percentages of water in their bodily makeup and this reduces as we get older. Don’t think that this means you need to drink less though! Staying hydrated is important for people of all ages.

Now, time to fill up that bottle again...

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