Tiff’s wellness routine during chemotherapy

It’s very hard for any of us to understand and appreciate what are and how the effects of chemotherapy have on someone. It must be such a personal battle and fight. But as we are human we can’t help but want to help.

I spent some time with Tiff talking through the effects of chemotherapy, not just on her but also on her family. Let’s face it, it’s horrid. You are at your most vulnerable going through something like that. Quite simply she didn’t recognise the skin she was in and wanted to make sure her nearest and dearest—Maisie and Tom—were as healthy as they could be in order to help in protecting her.

We wanted to explain how some of the products we stock helped Tiff through this time. There is also some general advice on what you can do to help someone going through chemo or struggling with a lowered immune system.

Tiff’s chemo routine

During chemo there’s not a lot you can personally take. You have to follow exactly what you doctor tells you and please don’t use any products without talking it through first.

Tom and Maisie’s health was very important. Tom had to be in charge of all the cooking and cleaning. They had different coloured towels that only they used. This was to stop the spread of any outside virus. All tea towels were also washed on a hot wash every day.

Cleaning your home is so important. Using our TINCTURE range allows you to do this without using any bad chemicals. TINCTURE use the power of nature to clean, protect, restore and uplift the home without the use of artificial or synthetic ingredients. Founder Angelika Davenport expertly produced high performance, non-toxic cleaning products that are completely safe to use around the entire family, including pets. As a conscious brand they have promised all ingredients used are 100% natural, sustainable and non-toxic; the formulas are all biodegradable and the beautifully designed bottles are reusable and recyclable.

Tiff also had hand sanitisers around the whole house at all times.

During chemotherapy there are a lot of supplements that you’re not able to take. Tiff took calcium, zinc and vitamin C. The people around you are less restricted, so they’re able to take more to protect their own health. Maisie took the BetterYou MultiVit Junior Oral Spray. Tom, who’s a professional rugby player, had he’s own restrictions over what he could take. But we can’t recommend the Advanced Nutrition Programme Immunity Intelligence Pack enough. Alternatively you could take either Advanced Nutrition Programme’s Skin Youth Biome (which is very much not just for the skin!) or The Nue Co’s Prebiotic + Probiotic.

So now for Tiff herself

Staying hydrated is so important. Our Frank Green bottles are the perfect accessory—they’re made with an innovative ceramic inner layer and stainless steel outer layer. So much better than drinking from plastic. It’s triple-walled and vacuum insulated for the ultimate temperature control to keep beverages hot or cold for hours. They come in two sizes—the smaller one’s perfect for homemade soups brought to your hospital bed from home. And Tiff often used hot water, lemon, ginger and Manuka honey in hers to help with sickness.

All of the BetterYou magnesium range is perfect. Chemotherapy can leave your body aching and your skin feeling awful, dry, itchy and uncomfortable. You also can’t overdose on magnesium, so you can mix the amazing salt bath to help body aches whilst using the creams to keep your skin soft and moisturised. The lavender cream is so lovely to use as it has such an amazing sent.

Concentrating on mindfulness during treatment helped Tiff a lot. Lovely smelling candles and using our scented balms are so calming. You can use them to relax you whilst in hospital, taking in their scent. Rub the balm onto the forehead or temples and lightly massage in a circular motion. Tiff would also use the yoga strap to make sure she could stretch and move in a supported way.

The Functional Fragrance by The Nue Co is also a lovely scent to use and have around you. It is soft-scented, not overpowering and has a very calming effect.

Lastly, dealing with hair loss is hard. Not only your hair but your eyelashes and eyebrows as well. During this time Tiff used a number of products that really helped, including the Watermans Grow Me Hair Growth Shampoo and the Watermans Condition Me Hair Growth Conditioner. She also used RapidLash products to help with eyelash and eyebrow growth.

Tiff also sewed different hair extensions into cashmere hats as she found the wigs could be irritating and itchy. Cashmere is lovely, soft and non-irritating—obviously this might be a little more difficult in the height of summer!

We’d love to hear about the cancer routines of you and your loved ones. What has helped you with relaxation or your energy levels? Let us know in the comments!


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