Where to start with CBD

If you’re looking to try CBD but aren’t sure where to start, we've put together this quick, handy post to answer your questions and help clear up some of the common misconceptions surrounding CBD and its uses.

What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol as its full name) is one of the many active ingredients found in the cannabis plant. CBD is non-psychoactive but has a number of the same medical benefits as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This allows you to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits without breaking the law or making you have the “stoned” feeling associated with cannabis.

There isn’t a lot of medical research into CBD, but the tests that have been done are very promising and the speed at which CBD products have hit the market and been adopted show that people are finding a real benefit from taking it.

What can CBD help with?

I used CBD during my cancer treatment and throughout my recovery. I still use it to this day and will always use it. It helps me to maintain my mental health and also helps with acne, pain relief, depression, anxiety and sleep. It also offers great neuroprotection; the relative preservation of neuronal structure and function.

When I first started using CBD there just wasn’t the selection of brands available that there are today. I actually ended up sourcing my CBD through a friend of a friend on Facebook—something I would not recommend! This was the only way I could source a product that was high in CBD; the highest commercially available products were around 5% at the time. There were higher strength vape products available, but vaping is something that I never wanted to do and is something we would strongly recommend against.

What brand and products do we stock?

When we started planning Roots we looked into making our own range of CBD products. We then found a handful of brands who’s products we felt offered the quality and strength we were after.

Apothem Labs and Aire CBD both produce amazing products. They are all extremely high quality and are thoroughly tested. They are also strong—Apothem Labs products are predominantly 10% and Aire CBD’s range goes up to 15%.

Apothem Labs

Apothem Labs CBD drops

Here is Apothem Labs range of CBD oil, including prices per 10ml and the percentage of CBD with each product:

The Apothem Labs Day Drops are Apothem’s general, every day CBD oil. CBD is blended with organic MCT oil to create a a very clean-tasting product that is suitable for use throughout the day and night. If you’re someone who has tried CBD products but doesn’t like the taste of them, these are the ones for you; the drops barely taste of anything.

Apothem Labs Day Drops — 10% CBD Oil (15ml) - £85.00 (£56.66 per 10ml)
Apothem Labs Day Drops — 10% CBD Oil (60ml) - £230.00 (£38.33 per 10ml)

Apothem’s unique blend of pure CBD with renowned active botanicals echinacea, shiitake mushroom and ginger. The idea of these drops is to blend the benefits of CBD with botanicals that aid your body’s natural defence, helping you through those exhausting days and help alleviate that feeble feeling. Again, the drops are blended with an organic MCT oil.

Apothem Labs Defence Drops — 10% CBD Oil (10ml) - £75.00 (£75.00 per 10ml)
Apothem Labs Defence Drops — 10% CBD Oil (30ml) - £170.00 (£56.66 per 10ml)

Pure CBD is blended with botanicals known for their calming properties—chamomile, lemon balm and skullcap—helping you find balance at night to aid sleep.

Apothem Labs Lights Out Drops — 10% CBD Oil (10ml) - £75.00 (£75.00 per 10ml)
Apothem Labs Lights Out Drops — 10% CBD Oil (30ml) - £170.00 (£56.66 per 10ml)

We also offer a range of topical products by Apothem Labs, including their Recharge Cream Gel, Sculpt Body Oil and Unplug Bath Salts.

Aire CBD

Aire CBD products for sale in the UK at Roots

For comparison, here is the Aire CBD range. All of their products are pure CBD blended with refined hempseed oil, creating a well-balanced, light, clean taste that is more earthy and organic; a more traditionally tasting CBD oil. I’m a big fan of their straight-forward offering of 5%, 10% and 15% products. All of them are available in 10ml bottles—the only difference being the percentage of CBD contained within each one. Its also really nice that the products are solely made out of hemp—nothing else.

Aire 005 — 5% CBD Oil (10ml) - £39.99 (£40.00 per 10ml)
Aire 010 — 10% CBD Oil (10ml) - £69.99 (£70.00 per 10ml)
Aire 015 — 15% CBD Oil (10ml) - £99.99 (£100.00 per 10ml)

If you are new to CBD, perhaps try the Aire 005 - this is £40.00 per bottle for 10ml and is a great entry-level product. If you have tried CBD before and appreciate the benefits, then perhaps try the Apothem Labs Day Drops or the Aire 010 (both are 10%). If you’re an experienced user who has witnessed the benefits of CBD first-hand, then try Aire's 015 product. Generally speaking, I'd always recommend the strongest product you can afford.


Pollen CBD drink drops for sale in the UK at Roots

There is one other range of CBD products that we stock — Pollen. They offer a brilliant selection of flavoured CBD products—perfect for those who just cannot get along with the taste of CBD. I regularly use their products as a ‘top up’ to my daily CBD oil intake. Their gummies are delicious and the drink drops are ideal to add to your daily juices. Here is the range we stock:

CBD drink drops

Powerbank CBD Drink Drops — 0.5% CBD Oil (100ml) - £55.00 (£5.50 per 10ml)
No Pressure CBD Drink Drops — 1% CBD Oil (100ml) - £85.00 (£8.50 per 10ml)
Soothe You CBD Drink Drops — 1.5% CBD Oil (100ml) - £135.00 (£13.50 per 10ml)

Pollen CBD gummies

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies Starter Kit — 18 gummies (10mg per gummy) - £25.00
Powerbank CBD Gummies — 30 gummies (10mg per gummy) - £35.00
No Pressure CBD Gummies — 30 gummies (10mg per gummy) - £35.00
Soothe You CBD Gummies — 30 gummies (10mg per gummy) - £35.00

CBD Drink

Pollenade CBD Drink (15mg CBD) - £3.30


Lastly, we also offer a CBD Daily Oral Spray by BetterYou. This is not as strong as either Apothem or Aire, but offers an entry level price point if you just want to give CBD a try.

All of the products we sell contain 0% THC.


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