DLux 1000 Vegan Vitamin D Daily Oral Spray




BetterYou DLux 1000 Vegan Vitamin D Oral Spray is a pure and simple formulation using Vitamin D3V®, a 100% plant-origin vitamin D3, designed to maintain vitamin D levels.

  • Each spray delivers 1000IU (25μg) of vitamin D
  • A pure and simple vegan formulation
  • 100% plant-origin vitamin D3
  • Palm-free coconut oil from sustainable sources
  • Supports bones, teeth and a healthy immune system
  • A fast and convenient way to support vitamin D levels
  • 100 daily doses
  • Packaging made from Ocean Waste Plastic
  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free diets
  • Made in the UK

    Size: 15ml

    How to use

    Press the pump 3 times to get he liquid flowing and shake well before every use.

    Carefully spray into your mouth, ideally onto the inside of your cheek and hold for a few seconds. Replace cap after use.

    1 spray delivers 1000IU of plant-based vitamin D. Use 1 spray per day (or as directed by your healthcare practitioner).

    Once opened, use within 6 months. Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.


    Coconut oil, cholecalciferol (vitamin D3).

    Tiff says...

    "With an extremely low immune system as a result of my cancer treatment, it was incredibly important that I not only looked after my own health but also my family’s. Protecting them from coughs, colds and viruses was crucial to ensure my body wasn’t put under any additional stress. As a result, my daughter took vitamin D to protect herself and also me from contracting anything."


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