Manuka Honey — Organic, Single-origin (MGO 190)




Our single-origin Manuka honey comes from a remote area of Australia. It does not have the medicinal taste of New Zealand Manuka and instead has a smooth, floral flavour with an element of fragrant wild lavender. It is coarse-filtered, unpasteurised and enzyme-rich.

Manuka honey has numerous health benefits. It is strongly antibacterial, has an antibiotic quality and can help boost the immune system. It can also help improve the digestive system, aids wound healing and can help clear infections.

How to use

Take it as part of your daily routine in hot or cold drinks or with food.

Due to the natural nature of our Manuka honey, it can often crystallise. This is perfectly normal and does not affect the product in any way. Simply give the honey a good stir every now and again or warm it slightly to regain a normal consistency.

What is an MGO rating?

All Manuka honey has a strength rating; or an MGO (methylglyoxal) rating. It is generally agreed that this grading system is the best way to establish a honey’s antimicrobial (bacteria killing) strength.

Our Manuka honey is rated at MGO 190—far higher than the majority of Manuka honey available on the market.

B-QUAL Certified

Our Manuka honey is B-Qual Certified. The B-Qual process offers independent tracking back to the product source, provides a guarantee that it comes from a single-source location, and is not blended from different source produce.

This traceability is the only way to guarantee a true Manuka honey.


Customer Reviews

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So soothing + delicious

Even after a couple of days of using this some digestive troubles have improved greatly. It's hard to pin down to just the honey, but that's the only change I've really made. I've been adding to lemon + ginger in the mornings and it's just so soothing. LOVE the giant jar too - will last for ages!

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