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The Nue Co.’s non-habit forming sleep drops help you drift off naturally and are alcohol-free. Valerian root + passionflower induce a sense of tranquillity while catnip + chamomile work together to aid sleep.

  • Sleep: Valerian root is proven to have a sedative effect, while studies show that passionflower significantly impacts the quality of sleep, helping your body rest throughout the night without waking.
  • Stress: Sleeping through the night helps lower cortisol levels and has been linked to a decreased risk of developing obesity, diabetes + heart disease.

Your central nervous system is the information highway of your body and sleep is essential to keep it functioning properly. Too little shut-eye can effect how it receives information, leading to fatigue, reduced concentration, and even poor memory. The Nue Co.’s gently powerful formula is designed to tackle the issue at the root. It aids sleep and reduces anxiety, while helping to calm + repair the central nervous system. Proven natural ingredients will help you fall asleep + stay asleep, without any nasty dreams or residual drowsiness the next morning.

Size: 1 fl oz / 30ml
Serving size: 9 drops (0.6ml) — 50 servings per container

How to use

Use daily as a preventative or as needed. Apply 6–12 drops directly under the tongue for fast absorption or add to liquid.


Purified water, glycerine, Valerian root tincture, catnip tincture, german chamomile flower tincture, passionflower tincture, citric acid*, potassium sorbate.


Customer Reviews

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Caroline H.
The land of Nod

I’ve only used these when I can’t sleep. They don’t knock me out straight away but in the morning I wake up feeling refresh.

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