Blood Cancer UK

“I have decided to work very closely with Blood Cancer UK as it is been so important to myself. They have helped support me all the way through four years of treatment including blood transfusions, chemo treatments and transplants. They have been 100% committed to helping me in every way possible, with leaflets, phone calls and enquiries. So I wanted to return the favour to Blood Cancer UK to help spread the word and to raise money for a wonderful charity.

Please spread the word, donate blood and platelets. This is definitely why I’m here today, due to people who have kindly donated already. Unfortunately there will be lots of other people who will need this help support and advice to get through their cancer treatments.”

Tiff Youngs

How you can help yourself

How you can help others

Donate blood: 20% of transfused red blood cell units are given to blood cancer patients.

Donate to fund research into blood cancer.

Sign up to the stem cell register.