My approach
Simply put, these are the products that I felt worked for myself whilst I was very unwell. I spent many hours researching each and every one of them whilst I was in hospital and I truly believe in them.

The starting point of looking for alternative medicines also made me focus on the importance of mindfulness. I was told early on in my journey that:

”We need to nourish, nurture and support the intellectual and spiritual bodies as well as the physical. The power of the intellectual and spirit should never be marginalized. Their roles are equal to that of nourishing, nurturing and supporting the physical. The fear and anxiety created around your treatments are symptoms that need ‘treating’ to achieve desired results.“

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CBD formed a central part of my journey and is someting I continue to take.

When I started looking into CBD there wasn’t the options then as there are today. It was a daily practice that felt like I had a little natural goodness. This was a strong psychological factor and a habit for my everyday. For Roots, it was really important we found really high quality CBD solutions and suppliers. As well as different options for consuming theses. All the Apothem range is high quality and high strength.

They’re designed to take at different times of the day and I’ve been loving using them for this reason. Another product I love using is the Pollen drink drops in my herbal tea to help bring out the flavour. I always have a pack of the Pollen gummies in my bag or car as a back up, but they’re also great for when you can’t take the oil due to feeling so unwell.

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I was always aware of the power of food. With my husband Tom being a professional rugby player, diet and nutritionists were already a big part of our lives as a family. But overhauling my diet early on and being fully in control of what and how I was eating were so important. I worked with different specialists throughout but clean-eating is the most important practice. Colourful, seasonal, fresh and organic food. No sugar, no diary, no processed food, lean white meat and fish only, no alcohol, no nightshades, no junk food, and no coffee/tea/caffine.

I would fast from 7pm till 12pm the next day. 3 litres of water a day for hydration as well as green and herbal teas, green juices and bone broths. We’ll be talking much more about diet on our blog along with inspiring recipes for you to do with the whole family. I used a lot of recipes from Dale Pinnock, The Medicinal Chef.



I used supplements to help build my immune system and keep it protected. The ones I took and still take are listed below. They’re such an important part of my routine and if everything’s looked after on the inside then it shows on the outside.

The supplements that I take include zinc, magnesium, multi-vitamins, calcium, vitamin D, glutamine powder, vitamin C, turmeric and a good probiotic.

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The house always had to be clean, I wasn’t allowed to hoover or dust due to the dust. I use Tincture as my cleaning products as it is natural, Eco - friendly and chemical free which didn’t upset my hands when going through treatment. The Ingredients and smells of this product is amazing. Keeping the house clean kept me well and sopped any bugs.

Everything used to clean the house was then put in the wash everyday with the tea towel etc. Everyone in the house had a different colour tea towel, so we didn’t spread any gems. Hand sanitising and washing hands was always done at all times. We all carried are own hand sanitiser when leaving the house for a walk to get some fresh air when I was sup for it etc.

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The health of others around you
Hand sanitisers were—and still are—everywhere.

Due to my stem cell treatment, it was so important to look into the the health of my family around me. I had to make sure they were fit, healthy and germ-free. The hardest thing was that my daughter was so young—only 4 years old when I was at my worst. Making sure she wasn’t around other young children who were ill was of and stop any play with other children, just to protect myself.

I also made sure she ate a similar healthy diet as well as taking children’s vitamins. I always joke that she thinks most food is yellow as we always cook with so much turmeric! I also had to be so careful with live vaccines and chickenpox; my daughter had to have lots of injections in order to protect me, which was hard for me as mother. I actually had the chickenpox injection to make sure I was protected. No one was allowed into our house if they felt or been around ill people and hand sanitisers were—and still are—everywhere.

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Skin and haircare

When I started to lose my hair, it was really itchy and painful. I was terrified of it falling out in clumps so I made the decision to ask a friend to shave it all off for me. That allowed me to feel as in control of the situation as I could be. Everyday I put pure coconut oil all over my body and on my head to make sure that my skin was kept soft all the time. This was to help prevent bed sores—something I didn’t want added to the list! One of the biggest shocks was when my eyebrows and eyelashes fell out as well. I used RapidLash, and then Watermans GrowMe shampoo and conditioner.

They really did help all my hair grow back super quick. I used magnesium bath salts, tablets, rubs, etc. as I got really bad tingling most of the time in my hands and feet. It was so hard to get it to stop, but when I used these products it really helped the pain as well as keeping my skin and body supple. In addition, dry body brushing helps stimulate the lymphatic system, as well as eliminating toxins and detoxifying the system. It was super hard losing your hair, as you feel you couldn't hide behind it anymore, or give it a swirl when you feel uncomfortable!

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