Palo Santo Wood Sticks (pack of 4)

Herbs and incense



Traditionally method of ‘smudging’ to drive away negative energies from one’s aura or home.

When using the wood as incense, the Palo Santo wood sticks are burnt on their own. Once the stick is on fire, it will burn independently for a minute or so then extinguish itself. The short burning period is adequate to produce smoke that will give your house a sweet smelling aroma. The slow burning nature of the wood makes it possible to use on several occasions.

The wood can be grounded into powder and used as a component of making incense mixtures. The wood is also used in homeopathic treatment for anxiety and panic attacks, as a respiratory treatment for asthma, cough and colds, for migraines, headaches and also in massage therapy to address pain and inflammation of joints and muscles.

Average length: 10-11cms
Origin: Peru
Palo Santo - Bursera Gaveolens

How to use

Light end of stick. It will burn independently for a minute or so then extinguish itself.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Shelley K.
Calming and tranquil!

Amazing products - I got some sage and Santo wood sticks. Both absolutely dreamy!

Kate W.
Great product

Have really enjoyed using theses sticks. Only complaint is that the fourth one was substantially thinner than the others but other than that great product.

Hi Kate, glad you’ve enjoyed the sticks. We’ve sourced a new supplier going forward which should hopefully have more “uniform” sticks. Let us know when you next order and we’ll throw you some in free!

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